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A Targeted Approach

Veterans want jobs. Employers want the best candidates possible and express a desire to hire veterans. Yet, the unemployment rate for recently separated veterans remains 50% higher than for the general public. The potential is there, yet the solution has not been found. The cost to society is billions in unemployment benefits, more in long-term lost potential in the economy, and leaves those who have served on our behalf frustrated. The bottom line— veterans who can do a great job are still unemployed. As hundreds of thousands of service men and women are discharged over the next few years, the problem will grow worse unless we intervene now.

  • Employers – LockLeed’s goal is to facilitate relationships with candidates and employers.

  • Results Orientated – We find the best candidates for the job.

  • Training – We do our part in Resume Coaching, Interview Tips, Networking and more.

LockLeed takes an ecosystem approach that attacks the barriers to employment at each pain point within the system, supporting veterans, their families, and the organizations that employ them. It builds a bridge between employers and veterans and provides the support infrastructure each need to succeed, and uses a private industry model for sustainability.

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LockLeed International is proud to partner with Dart Transit Company in the Veteran community. The commitment they have made to Veterans and their families has proven to be life changing.

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